My interest in Art began at an early age living with my parents. My family lived in a highly cultural city where there was unlimited exposure to art of all variety and I was deeply affected by what I saw. My mother worked as a translator for the theater and I watched rehearsals, plays, concerts, actors and all the scenery and excitement that swirls around such an art community. These images have remained with me and much of my work ties back to those earliest of memories and influences.

My professional career began in Israel where I attended an art high school in Tel Aviv and later graduated from Art Teachers College. I also attended the advanced program at the Avne Institute of Fine Arts in Tel Aviv. For the following years I taught Fine Art at Israeli Public Schools and began to exhibit my personal artwork at a leading Tel Aviv Art Gallery. Later I moved to Milan, Italy where I continued my art education and career at the Brera Academy (Academia Brera de Belle Arte). I welcome you to my website where you can look at my work and learn about art classes that I am offering. I will continue to update this site as new events, classes and other information becomes available.

Visit my page for thumbnails of my work. Please contact me for information, prices and consignments at

Hello Friends, I have moved into my studio at 127 W. Rodney French Blvd. Door #31 New Bedford, MA 02744 My studio has been painted and my work exhibited on the walls. I can be reached by cell 508-965-7396. Please feel free to contact me, visit my studio, or call to "just catch up". I will continue to give art lessons, exhibit my work and most important get back to "my creative place".
opening for Summer 2014
Saturday, June 28th from 5 - 8 pm
AHA! Thursdays 7/10 & 8/14 5 - 9 pm both dates