"It is not my task to reproduce appearances, for that is the photographic plate. I want to reach the heart. Art does not reproduce the visible, it renders the visible."
Paul Klee
Klee's statement beautifully expresses the way I feel about my art. In my wood cuts, linocuts, monoprints, I transfer my sketches from nature to the printed art form. Based on abstract but recognizable renderings of what I see I rely heavily on the power of color to express the mood and meaning of the finished piece. Perhaps this is why art critiques have categorized my work as "figurative abstract expressionist." The printing medium is itself very important to me. The texture of wood or the fine more lyrical lines of linoleum cuts are central to each work. These are given life by strong, basic colors I always attribute to my years living in Israel.

Many of my themes of sun, moon, sky, ocean are reflective of my personal connection to nature. The female form represents life as we live it and feel it. The forms are eternal and the colors immediate.

My influences other than Paul Klee are Henri Matisse , Edvard Munch and one can see much abstract expressionism in my work. I have created links to web sites showing the work of these great artists. Visit and enjoy!
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